The Pedigree of Fyn Haug

Fyn-Haug.jpgFyn Haug, born 13.3. 1981. Breeder Jens Høj, Haugstedgård, Broby. Herd Book No. 6204



FynHaugDaughters-01.jpgDaughters of Fyn Haug

tennhaugemaid.jpgTenn Haug E. Maid

Fyn-Tved-s-4806-.jpgFyn Tved. Born 19.02. 1974. Breeder Edvard Hansen, Langetved, Rødding. Herd Book No. 4806.


daughtersoffyntved.jpgDaughters of Fyn Tved


brutussyd.jpgBrutus Syd

daughtersofbrutussyd.jpgDaughters of Brutus Syd

The /infosys/images/jersey/PedigreeCowNo192.pdf Pedigree - the dam of Fyn Tved

Want to read a nostalgic story about Haug?:

Gary-de-Graaf-0034-Martin.jpgGary de Graaf and Mogens Stendal (Mogens is Son of Edvard Hansen - the Breeder of Fyn Tved)

By Mogens Stendal
When I was a big boy in the 1950'ies my father had no car. But every year at Christmas time he borrowed my grandfather's car and then my father and I toured part of the country to visit a handful of top breeders. I certainly enjoyed those trips.
In those days evaluation of breeding values were not very sophisticated. In Denmark we gathered 20 springing heifers from each of a number of sires at a farm – a progeny testing station. The AI companies decided which sires should be tested. Though 25 farms, may be 35-40, were involved as progeny testing stations, the feeding and management of the cows was harmonized. The heifers were supposed to calve in September-November and they were tested for production, feed consumption etc. and remained at the station for 305 days in milk before they returned to the owners. Bulls with the best results became the breed's top bulls and heavily used.


Eric (Silva), take a look at Haug's pedigree. OD Lund appears on both sides. As a baby calf OD Lund was advertised in the Danish Jersey Journal. My father liked his pedigree and agreed with the breeder to stop by and have a closer look. This was in February in the late 1950'ies, I guess. Of course we could borrow my grandfather's car, but a snow storm came up and the agreed visit was cancelled. An AI station bought OD Lund before another visit was arranged.
Years later OD Lund had 20 daughters at a progeny testing station. So at Christmas time that year my father and I simply had to go and see the young cows that "could have been ours". We liked very much what we saw and though the heifers were fresh for only 8-10 weeks my father ordered some OD Lund semen right away. We got about 10 heifer calves out of OD Lund. One of them, no. 192, became the dam of Fyn Tved (and a full brother, HJ Lang, who also did an extremely good job, though Tved was the better one). Later OD Lund sired Øjy Ib – Haug's maternal grandsire. Øjy Ib was the top Jersey bull for years. – End of a sweet nostalgic story.




HansJensenHestehavegaard.jpgThe Danish Jersey breeder Hans Jensen, Hestehavegård, - he was the one who pioneered the importation of semen from New Zealand to Denmark. That did happen in 1958. As a young farmer he had visited New Zealand back in 1949 og he soon fell in love with the nature and the beautiful Jersey cows "down under". On his farm Fyn Glen was born.











Cow No 108 belonging to Hans Jensen (Sire: Glenmore Royal Guide NZ HB 202348). Lars Simon Andersen took the photos in 1966 at the Cattle Show in Odense. Yield: 130 kilogram butter in 100 days.



From Danish Jerseys 1969


fynsglenpedigree-01_edited.jpgDaughter of Fyn Glen



Fyn Glen

fynglensomaeldre.jpgFyn Glen

daughtersoffynglen_1.jpgDaughters of Fyn Glen




Cow No 23, Hestehavegård, (HB No 7186) born 18.12. 1956 at Hestehavegård (Photo Lars Simon Andersen). One of the best cows ever in Denmark. In her 20 year long life, she produced almost 5800 kilogram butterfat. At that time the third highest lifetime producer of the world



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