World Leaders Dine on A Jersey Cheese From Canada

Newsletter from Russell Gammon
Canadian Jersey Cheese: Fit for World Leaders at the G20 Summit!

Who would have thought that the meeting of G20 leaders in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in late June would have yielded opportunities for marketing of the Jersey cow and her products? And yet, the meeting did! The global leaders dined on high-quality Jersey cheese from Quebec during their major banquet.

The cheese is Belle de Jersey, a signature product of Les Bergeries Du Fjord in the Lac St. Jean region of Quebec. The cheese derives its name from the cow family surrounding Jersey icon Duncan Belle. Descendants of this international super-star dairy cow have been milked in the herd supplying the talented cheese-maker. This cheese had already garnered continental acclaim when it captured a Silver Medal at the first North American Jersey Cheese Awards in Syracuse, New York in July 2009. News of the inclusion of Belle de Jersey on the world leader's menu of fine dining on Canadian products was reported in both the Globe and Mail, Canada's National News paper and on, a leading Canadian cheese website! In addition, both Cheese Culture and Artisan Cheese Marketing, two leading Canadian cheese education companies, enthusiastically reported on the inclusion of these fine cheeses in the G20 menu!

Interestingly enough another of the four Canadian cheeses gracing the plate for the leaders was Fleurmier, a cheese created at Laiterie Charlevoix, a top-flight cheese making company in the Charlevoix region of Quebec. This bustling company also has a renowned Jersey cheese as one of its signature products. That fine cheese, L'Hercule de Charlevoix, also received a Silver Award at the first North American Jersey Awards in 2009. The Jersey cow continues to grow in numbers and influence and number of owners across North America. The Jersey has often been rightfully dubbed "The cheese-maker's cow!" The North American Jersey Cheese Awards program is a project of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, assisted by the American Jersey Cattle Association and Jersey Canada. The second North American Jersey Cheese Awards program will take place in Wisconsin in late June 2011. The highly successful second World Jersey Cheese Awards were held in June 2010, in Jersey Island home of the Jersey breed. This is the only global cheese competition devoted solely to products from a single breed, The Queen of Quality, the Jersey.

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