Major Campbell Brown at Ewell Farm in Tennessee

campbellbrownportrait.jpgThe first attempt to gather data on the tests of Jersey cows was made by Major Campbell Brown of Spring Hill, Tennessee. In the Country Gentleman of February 22,1882 he published a list of 189 tests, and in 1884 he together with Thos. H. Malone, M.M. Gardner and Wm. J. Webster  published in book form a list of all Jersey cows in the MajorUnited States and Canada which had produced 14 pounds or more of butter in 7 days.  
In 1872 Major Campbell Brown had enherited Ewell Farm in Spring Hill, Tennessee from his mother Lizinka Campbell Brown and stepfather general Richard Stoddert Ewell. In 1893 Ewell Farm was carried on by Campbell Brown's son Dr. Lucius Polk Brown.
Lizinka Campbell Brown  was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1820. She was named for the Russian tzarina, who was a friend of her mother's. She first married James Percy Brown, who died in 1844. When the Civil War broke out, she was living in Nashville, and she left for Virginia to help nurse her cousin, Richard Stoddert Ewell (1817-1872), who served as a brigadier general in the Confederate army during the war. The two eventually married and settled on land at Spring Hill that she had inherited. The Ewell Farm became one of the area's top stock-breeding plantations. 1867 Richard S. Ewell had brought the first Jerseys to Ewell Farm - the first Jersey cattle in Tennessee. The farm also bred some of the first harness-racing horses in the country. Lizinka died Jan. 22, 1872, and her husband died two days later.
Most of the Brown and Ewell Family papers are situated to The University of North Carolina. This collection includes farm journals 1866-1884 which document all activities on their plantations, Dr. Lucius Polk Brown, however, in 1934 handed over to The University of Tennessee, Knoxville most of the material relating to the Jersey herd. This collection among other things consists of photographs, dairy and farm accounts 1868-, herd books 1866-, sales catalogues, butter tests, pedigrees, etc., correspondence concerning butter testing, cattle, etc, index of tested cows 1885, index of dams and sires of tested cows 1885 etc.
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