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I am right now reading and editing all my photos and writings received during my two visits at Billings Farm & Museum this month. When you have read the two following letters from former Librarian/Archivist at Billings Farm & Museum, Esther Munroe Swift, I am sure everybody understands, that I for several years have looked forward once to have the opportunity to visit Billigs Farm & Museum. And now I am so pleased that I did succeed to visit America this summer, and it was quite amazing that Harold "Tuffy" Wright and his daughter Donna made it possible for me to stay two more days in Woodstock.


Dear Hans Nørgaard    I hope I've found the correct Email address for replying to your query, which came because you had contacted our lovely friend on Jersey: Mrs. Anne Perchard, President WJCB. Enjoyed seeing photo of her with you on your web page.
    Yes, we do have a 94 page publication titled:THE ST. LAMBERT FAMILY OF JERSEYS, written by Valancey E. Fuller. It has no date of publication, nor can I discover any other edition. This one was printed for the Billing Farm (between 1893 and 1910) and distributed widely as a selling piece.
    M. Fuller's herd was at Oaklands Farm, Hamilton, Ontario. Many of his Jerseys (including the St. Lambert lines) are cited and shown in that monumental (744 page) volume  JERSEY CATTLE IN AMERICA by John S. Linsley, published in 1885. It says: "the St. Lambert strain has become far-famed for great butter tests in the herd of Mr. Valancey Fuller in Hamilton, Ontario".
N.B. Many illustrations of his St. Lambert cows & bulls are included in the Linsley volume, as are also those of the Billings Farm.
    All we know for certain is this pamphlet was printed for distribution by George Aitken, who was the Billings Farm manager from 1884 until his untimely death in 1910. The first page is an advertisement for Billings Jerseys, descendants of Garfield Stoke Pogis 15963 and other St. Lambert cows and/or bulls.
    The Billings Farm is one of the oldest ones for Jersey cows. Every year we host visitors from abroad, as well as from all over North America.
Without exception every Manager of the Billings Farm has been President of the American Jersey Cattle Association at some time.
    Although we have only a few copies of the pamphlet, our management feels that yours is both an important need and valuable documentary repository. We also need to be assured that you will credit the Billings Farm when you cite it or quote it in any context.
    We'll be glad to send you a copy. Please verify that the address I copied from your Email is correct
Cordially yours,
Esther Munroe Swift, Librarian/Archivist Billings Farm & Museum P.O. Box 489, Woodstock, VT 05091-0489 tel: 802-457-2355 ext 21; FAX: 802-457-4663 Email:
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Mrs. Anne Perchard (President WJCB) referred to your special collection of Jersey cattle literature (especial about the St. Lambert herd). Do you have a catalogue of the collection?) I am researching the history of the Jersey breed and preparing a speech at next years world Jersey conference in Denmark
Best regards. Hans Nørgaard

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Dear Hans Nørgaard:
Am delighted have an answer from you so quickly. As I am sure Anne Perchard told you: she, Derrick Frigot and  Senator Pierre & Thelma Horsfall visited us here at the Billings farm in 1987 after I made my first visit to Jersey.
That is when we gave her the Valancey Fuller pamphlet.
Thank you for supplying the original date of publication. 1906 fits very nicely with what I would expect. Some Billing Farm cows that won top honors at the 1893 World Exposition in Chicago were from St. Lambert lines.
Billings great herd book subsequent to that was printed in 1895. Easy enough to see how Valancey Fuller & our farm manager, George Aitken, would have come in contact.
Yes, I read with pleasure, what your web site has about Canadian Jerseys. I know that, as I write, we have some Canadian Jersey lines on the farm.
Apparently they are rather different from some of the United States lines BUT, I am no animal or breeds expert.
I shall see that the St. Lambert pamphlet goes out to you by Air Mail, with warm best regards from our management and myself.
Esther Munroe Swift, Librarian/Archivist Billings Farm & Museum P.O. Box 489, Woodstock, VT 05091-0489 tel: 802-457-2355 ext 21; FAX: 802-457-4663 Email:
--------->From: Hans Nørgaard <> >To: Esther Swift <> >Subject: St. Lambert Jerseys >Date: Wed, Jul 25, 2001, 3:18 AM > > Hans Nørgaard > Egebjergvej 33 > 5771 Stenstrup > Denmark > > Dear Mrs Esther Swift > > I am very thankful for your answer, I know Mr. Fuller's pamphlet, I once > borrowed Anne Perchard's copy, when I collected imformations about the > Stephens family in Montreal and published a website about how jerseys > came to Canada..
> According to several jersey bibliographies the pamphlet was published in > 1906.
> > The pamphlet  however is "a mine" of informations to the jersey history, > so I would be very honoured to have a copy of the pamphlet to my coming > studies. Mary Anne of St. Lambert had some influence on European > dairy-experts by mid 1880's. when she had completed her "world record".
> From a written letter by Mr. Fuller to George H. Page,  owner of a model > farm in Switzerland, we know that Mr. Fuller sent a photograph of Mary > Anne to Mr. Page in 1884. 1885 the Danish dairy expert Bernhard Bøggild > visited George H. Page on his way to Jersey Island and became familiar > with Mary Anne and her story.
> My name and address above mentioned is my mail address.
> If you share me a copy I will of course in my coming works make a > reference to Billings Farm & Museum - but please remark what I mentioned > about my website about the Jerseys in Canada.
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Re: St. Lambert Jerseys
> > Best regards > Hans Nørgaard
> Hans Nørgaard > Egebjergvej 33 > 5771 Stenstrup > Denmark

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