Channel Island Cattle in Germany

Georg Zöppritz from Stuttgart published in 1887 a German edition of  J. Coleman:. The Cattle Of Great Britain: Being A Series Of Articles On The Various Breeds Of Cattle Of The United Kingdom, Their History, Management. Pps 162. 1875, in which he strongly recommended to import Jersey cattle to Germany.
According to Zöppritz a successful importation of Alderney cattle took place to Weil im Schoenbuch, Stuttgart in 1824.

The King of Wurtemburg imported English cattle breeds in large numbers, primarily from the Duke of Bedford. The picture above shows some Alderneys from his herd [1827].
As late as 1898 a lot of  from 10 to 20 Jersey cattle found their way to Wurtemburg from the Island of Jersey.

On the farm Sophienhof in Preetz [Holstein] Alderney cattle were to be seen from the 1860s. But  after 20 years the owner Johansen gave up his Alderney herd.

Some Alderneys belonging to H. Jessen, Oldemorstoft, near Flensborg were exhibited in Aarhus, Denmark in 1866. Consul Bird, Flensburg had in 1855 imported a purebred Alderney bull, probably from England.

And according to Sonntag-Büsing a German breeder of Shorthorn cattle imported some Jerseys  in 1880 after a visit in London. Cattle from England were according to John Thornton sent by ship to Hamburg.

By the end of the 1880s two Jersey herds were established in Striegau, near Breslau, Schlesien [now Poland] belonging to "Frl. v. Kramsta zu Muhrau" and "Herrn v. Oheimb zu Eisdorf".

germanalderney.jpgJersey from Schlesien 1888

In 1898 new importations of Jerseys took place via Hamburg meant for Germany, Austria and Als [now Denmark].

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