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 In 1902 the Elsenburg School of Agriculture, Mulder`s Vlei, C.P., secured a couple of females from Mr. van der Byl whose herd was about to be dispersed. Among the animals secured was the cow "Gladys" to which every Jersey in the Elsenburg herd today is related. [Morkel 1928]

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Unfortunately no irrefutable records are available as to the correct date the first Jersey was imported into South Africa. It is, however, generally accepted that the first Jerseys were imported by Mr. Adrian vand der Byl of Roodebloem Estate, Woodstock, Cape, from Jersey Island, in the early 1880`s with 1881 as the most probable date.

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Rustenberg has a wine-growing history dating back to 1682, when Roelof Pasman from Meurs, near the Rhine, recognised its wine-growing potential. Apart from wine, Rustenberg is also known for its champion jerseys. Our  Schoongezicht jersey herd dates back to 1892 and is the oldest registered herd in South Africa.  Their names are chosen by Pamela Barlow, who with her late husband Peter, established the pedigree herd from Jersey, Canadian, American and New Zealand bloodlines. Mr. Douglas Houston states in a brochure of the Schoongezicht Jerseys: "The Schoongezicht Jersey herd was born when in 1892 the late Alfred Nicholson joined John X. Merriman. From that time until today, though wine and fruit too have helped to make the name of Schoongezicht famous throughout South Africa, the Jersey has played a vital role in the economy of the farm". Mr. Houston continues: "There are few records of the first Jerseys, but it is of interest to note that the earliest records refer to a bull called Adrian, bred by Adrian van der Byl. He arrived at Schoongezicht in 1904, and has therefore the strongest claim to be known as the father of the herd." According to W.A.K. Morkel: "Messrs J.X. Merriman and A. Nicholson built up their Schoongezicht herd on the original stock obtained from Adrian van der Byl."

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The prefix "Westoe" was first used by Struben [ In Vol. 1 of the S.A.J.H.B. it is recorded:"Struben took over the bulk of the Van der Byl Jerseys at their disposal in 1902]. This prefix was later registered in the name of Wright Bros., Westoe

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