...very delicate butter, much esteemed for tast & colour (1682)

written by Jean Poingdestre


jeanpoingdestre.jpg"....The fift yeare they sowe it with oates before Christmas, & sometimes with winter Rye; then lett the ground rest at least as many yeares, in which time it will bring forth very sweete grasse; & if the yeares be any thing moist it will yeeld them excellent hay & in great plenty. In these arable grounds they pasture theire kine, which affoard them very delicate butter, much esteemed for tast & colour: but for cheese they make very litle; & the which is made is subicct to growe drye & hard, if care be not taken to preuent it." Written by Jean Poingdestre (1609-91) in his book "Caesarea or a Discourse of the Island of Jersey", Chapter V, page 23, published circa 1682.

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