Trinity Manor Jerseys

by Hans Nørgaard

trinitymanorfarm-07.jpgIn September 2004 Steve and Suzanne Le Feuvre took me to see the Trinity Manor farm and jerseys. Since June 2002, their "Avonteur Jerseys" have been placed with Trinity Manor Farm under the management of Rob Stevenson.







trinitymanorfarm-10.jpg"Trinity Manor Farm is set in the spectacular grounds of Trinity Manor. The grazing fields create wonderful parkland with picturesque views overlooking the driveways and paths surrounding the unique Manor House. But whilst the fields, trees and hedges create a relaxed and quiet countryside the farm itself is a highly productive and modern unit.

























trinitymanorfarm-08.jpgThe buildings were completely renewed in 1998 making way for a state of the art dairy complex for 180 milking cows. Since then the herd has had notable successes both in milk production and in the show ring. Under the management of Rob Stevenson nothing stands still. The farm has started a specialist beef unit producing high quality veal calves and tender beef cattle which is sold to local producers and used in Jersey restaurants.







Conscious of the environment, the farm has been able to use some of the extra land available on the Island to make silage and hay with lower nitrate fertilizers. Clover is an integral part of the grazing again to lower fertilizer use.







Rob Stevenson and Steve


trinitymanorfarm-04.jpgAnyone lucky enough to visit Trinity Manor Farm will see contented cows, modern facilities and a high respect for the countryside and environment".(From Genuine Jersey's website)






Calf belonging to Jo Le Feuvre.















Suzanne in front of the Manor office


Cows from Trinity Manor Farm ready for the Spring Show 2006











trinitymanorfarm-13.jpgRob Stevenson receives the Supreme Championship Trophy from Roger Derryman (President of the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK


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