Jersey Cow in Morwenstow, Cornwall

From: Nicolas Jouault   Sent: 12. februar 2000 11:44 :   Subject: Jersey Cow in Morwenstow, Cornwall
I am helping in research for a forthcoming book about the wreck of the "Caledonia" in 1842 my great- great grandfather was the sole survivor and he was sheltered by the Reverend Robert Hawker in his gratitude Captain Edward Le Dain & family would when ever the Reverend wanted a Jersey cow ransack the island to find "the sleekest,loveliest, best of that beautiful breed" this was supposedly the setting up of a notorious herd.
I hope the above may be of interest to you, I am in the process of putting all my notes on computer you are welcome to more information on the wreck, and Robert Hawker who was also a well known author, if you are interested. I expect there is little possibility of finding records or notes on this cattle transactions, but I would be interested if there are.
regards Nick Jouault of Jersey

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