Upcoming Upgrade of ABRI Program

Newsletter from Russell Gammon

Good morning! As many of you will be aware at the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 Jersey Canada will be working with the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) to upgrade and convert our registration and performance/pedigree database from ABRI’s International Livestock Registry 1 (ILR1) to the brand new ILR2 system. In fact this process is already underway and has been for almost ten months.

To ensure that we maximize the benefit of this transition/conversion we are providing all the readers of this message with the opportunity to comment on both our registry system and our online database and other services.

Please Let us know your “wish list” of how these services and programs could be of greater value and service to you:
Registry system in general
Electronic registration system-growing in popularity every day.
Online database of pedigree and performance information  

We’ve opened the doors and would appreciate and very much welcome your comments on how any of these services operate and how we can optimize user-friendliness.
We’re more than willing to communicate your views to ABRI and see what can be actualized!
You are important to us and our lifeblood so we come to you first!
As we have recently re-established contact with ABRI on this subject could you please have your comments to us by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15TH.  Should we not hear from you we’ll assume that the services we offer suit your needs perfectly! J   Seriously, we want to do the best we can for all of our clients and members and future clients so let us know! Visit for a look at the online pedigree/performance database if you have not been there before!

Your input will be used to serve your needs better!

Thanks greatly! Looking forward to future progress and breed and association growth!

Cheers! RGG    

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