October Jersey Journal News

Newsletter from Kim Billman
 Good morning Jersey friends!
Welcome to September! The fairs are in full swing, the kids are back at school, and hopefully the crops and cows are coming along nicely with this cooler, wet weather!
The September issue is off to the printer and Jersey Journal staff is beginning the October issue of the magazine. The deadlines are fast approaching for this All American preview issue! The deadline for the early bird discount is Thursday, September 7. Ads will still be accepted through Monday, September 18 without the discount.
This month will be a four-color special month - featuring 1/2 price color! Only $170 for full color and $55 if you add just one color to your black and white ad . . . take advantage of early bird discounts and savings on color for an eye-catching promotion piece for your herd.
As previously mentioned, this is the preview to the All American Jersey Show and Sale in Louisville, Ky. It is a primetime to advertise your All American consignments and the cows you are taking to the All American Show. Here are several advertising ideas for this upcoming fall preview!
Fall sales: All American Sale, All American Pot O'Gold Sale, Illinois Invitational Sale and the Ohio Fall Production Sale.
State fairs are under way . . . did you have a class winner or champion? Advertise her before you get to Louisville!
New Genetic Summaries have been released! Highlight the hot new bulls and daughters you have coming from these sires! Do you have a son of one of the top sires going to A.I.? Put out a little extra promotion on him with an ad.
High JPI Cows - Have a cow on the top of the list? Advertise her and her offspring.
Have you appraised recently? Tell us about your high scored Jerseys
New milk records completed? Brag on the girls that are putting money in your pocket.
You can still save 10% on your ads through next Thursday, September 7th! Give us a call!
The Jersey Directory is online! Check out and the over 650 herds and businesses that are a part of this year's Directory.
You can still be a part of the online version. Just send an email to and we will send you a form to fill out to be added to the website!
Advertise on
Visit the advertising section on the Jersey Journal website and see what several breeders have to offer this month! Then add your advertisement for the May issue to a site that puts you in front of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contact us to find out more information on this new feature!
Visit us at
If you, or a neighbor or friend is not receiving the Jersey Journal, subscriptions are only $25 a year in the United States. For more subscription information contact us at Or log on to to subscribe online!

Upcoming Issues . .
The November issue will highlight the first of the fall shows this year. Make plans to picture and then advertise your winners!
Get ready for the Christmas issue and wishing your Jersey friends a very happy Holiday Season!
Thank you for your continued support of the Jersey Journal, the official publication of the American Jersey Cattle Association for over 53 years. Please give us a call at 614.861.3636, exts. 335, 336 or 323.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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