Bluegrass Jersey Herd in Hertfordshire (UK)

owned by Jenny and Barry Daw

The Bluegrass Jersey herd was established in 1987 when Jenny was working with her parents' Kentucky Herd, in Suffolk. The foundation cows were K. Pharoahs Candytuft EX, Wolterton Lads Lady VG (3. dam of Lady Carol EX95 4E) and K. Barbirollis Blondie VG. The Blondies decend from the 1st cow owned by Peggy and the late Bob Clear in 1948. In September 1990 when the Kentucky herd was dispersed, Bluegrass and the older Kentucky cows moved into a shared farming arrangement with Anne & Nigel Kennard of the Instead Manor Guernsey herd.

In the spring of 1991 they gained the tenancy of Appleby Street Farm, an 83 acre dairy farmed owned by Hertfordshire County Council. They were able to build the herd up to 80 cows plus followers, including a small herd of Holsteins. A few select Jersey cows were purchased: in 1994 Venn Generals Solly 7th EX92 7E and in 1996 Kentucky Silver Heather VG88 - she was flushed to Duncan Barber thus starting the Heather family. In 1999 the Holsteins were sold to gain a Channel Island contract with Milk Link and purchases were made from the Osberton herd.

In the spring of 2003 they were able to climb the Hertfordshire County Council ladder by gaining Woodbine & Dunallen herds to make full use of the extra acreage.

Their overall breeding is mainly North American with combined type+production - they will not burn out after 2 lactations! Classification plays an important roll for featuring the strength of the female family. Their most memorable achievements have been with the following cows.

 K. Pharoahs FrolicJersey Champion RASE 1994 
 B. Imperials Maid of Honour Supreme Dairy Champion S.E. Dairy Show 1996
 V. Generals Solly 7th Jerseys and Reserve Interbreed TPE Champion European Dairy Farming Event (EDFE) 1998
 K. Master Harpist Heifer Champion EDFE 1999 & Jersey Champion EDFE 2000
 B. Jades Blonde Plait Jersey & Reserve Interbreed Champion Calf  All breeds Calf Show 2002
 B. Counts Quiz Jersey Champion Calf  All breeds Calf Show 2003
 B. Barber Lady Carol Jersey Champion RASE 2002, Jersey Champion EDFE 2002 & 2003, Supreme Dairy Champion Bucks Show 2004
 B. Jades Blondette (with Smidie Hill Jersey's Jersey Champion RASE 2005
 B. Jazzman Pams Panama (with the Wilson Family All breeds heifer champion EDFE & Welsh Dairy Show 2005
 B. Remake Savannagh Claire Reserve heifer champion EDFE 2005

Amwell Place Farm, of 140 acres, is made up of 15 acres of permanent grassland, 90 acres of 4 year grass leys and 33 acres of maize for silage. The soil type is Grade 3. All dairy replacements are home reared. Calving i all year round and a few beef calves are reared. Milk is sold to Milk Link on a Channel Island contract. (Source: The Bluegrass Herd. (2006))

bluegrassjerseys-00.jpg Barry Daw presenting Bluegrass Barbers Lady Caroll (Sire: Duncan Barber) at the Dairy Event 2006

bluegrassjerseys-01.jpg Bluegrass Jerseys presenting - in calf heifer at the Dairy Event -Bluegrass Commanders Ella (Sire:Potterswallis Starlight Commander)

bluegrassjerseys-02.jpgBluegrass Jerseys present at The Dairy Event 2006 .For more information: Jersey Cattle Society News

bluegrassjerseys-04.jpgOn September 18th 2006 a Danish Jersey cattle group visited Amwell Place Farm, home of the Bluegrass Jerseys







bluegrassjerseys-11.jpgUffe Gottschalck, President of the Danish Jersey Society and Barry Daw


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