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So many exciting things are happening right now in the Jersey breed. Jerseys continue to lead the dairy industry in Productive Life. Numbers released last week from NAAB show an increase of over 11% in semen sales in 2006. Over 2 million units were sold foreign and domestically last year alone!
In the April issue, you will read of the new production records set in the Jersey breed. Production levels in 2006 reached all-time highs and more and more herds have fine-tuned their management and breeding selection to get more milk from the already efficient Jersey cow. It is a great time to be involved with the fastest growing dairy breed in the United States!
With all of that exciting news, Jersey Journal staff invites you to promote your Jersey herd and accomplishments in our April issue of the Journal. There are many things to talk about and be proud of. Here are just a few of the ideas you could focus on.
  • High Production Herds - More herds than ever have reached the 20,000 lb.-mark. Highlight your herd and how you have reached your peak! Analyze your cows, sire selection and management techniques.
  • Spring Sales are in full swing - Merchandise your spring consignments to the following sales: Wisconsin Spring Spectacular, Field of Dreams IV Sale, Chosen Few from Country Hills Sale, New England Jersey Breeders Sale, New York Spring Sale, Illinois Invitational Sale and the Ohio Spring Classic Sale are just a few on our calendar! An advertisement is an easy way to let over 3,100 Jersey breeders worldwide know why your cattle will make them proud.
  • High JPI Cows - The lists are out and these are the cows that A.I. companies are looking to for tomorrow's bull mothers. Advertise your breed leaders in the April issue of the Jersey Journal.
Reserve your space this week and save 10% on your advertising. The early bird discount is Friday, March 9. However, if you do miss that early deadline, we will still accept ads through March 16 without the discount. This is also a color special month, so color will be 1/2 price at just $170 per ad!
Other ideas for April include:
  • Appraisal highlights: Feature your new Excellent and your new Very Good two-year-olds.  
  • This year's is the 50th National Heifer Sale it will be an event to remember. Nominations are due soon and Iowa Jersey breeders are getting ready to host an event to remember! Take advantage of the color special to start promoting your heifer for the National Heifer Sale.
  • This year's annual meetings will be held in the State of Iowa. This is a great time for the breeders of Iowa and other surrounding states to begin their advertising campaigns for the 2007 Annual Meetings. Jersey breeders will begin to make their travel plans in the next couple of months. 
  • If you have heifers, cows, or bulls for sale . . . now is the time to advertise as milk prices are on the rise. A great time to advertise bulls with pasture season just around the corner!

These are just a few ideas to add to your herd's growing reputation. The Jersey breed is the fastest growing breed in the industry and there are always new faces reading the magazine. Keep your name in front of the audience and continue to market your outstanding herd!

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