June Jersey Journal

Welcome to spring! Hopefully it has finally arrived for everyone.


Spring sales and shows are in full swing around the country. The sales are proving the value of the Jersey remains high. Many of the completed state sales have seen very successful averages as have sales from many other sale managers.


The spring shows have been large and from the looks of the reports, there has been a lot of competition in the shows. The classes have been large and the photos that the Jersey Journal has been receiving have been impressive!


It is time for the June issue of the Jersey Journal and the deadline for the early bird discount is almost upon us! To receive a 10% discount on your advertising space, please reserve your ad space by Friday, May 4. We will still accept ads until May 18 without the discount. This issue will also be a 4-color special month, so save $170 on your full color ads!


The June issue is a preview of the AJCA-NAJ annual meetings in Iowa this summer. Featured in this special convention issue will be a preview of the tour stops during annual meetings, a special article featuring 50 years of the National Heifer Sale and a special insert of the Iowa Jersey Today magazine.


  • National Heifer Sale – feature your consignment and her family members.
  • Iowa Jersey breeders, be a part of the Iowa Jersey Today with an ad in your state magazine on a national level.
  • New Genetic Summaries: will be released in early May. Highlight your high JPI cows and bulls that have entered the “Big League!”
  • Congratulate the award winners for the Annual Meetings – Young Jersey Breeders, Meritorious Service winner; Distinguished Service and the Master Breeders.


Other options include:

  • Appraisal highlights: Feature your new Excellent and your new Very Good two-year-olds.  
  • If you have heifers, cows, or bulls for sale . . . now is the time to advertise as milk prices are on the rise. A great time to advertise bulls with pasture season just around the corner!

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Keep your name in front of the audience and continue to market your outstanding herd!

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Thank you for your continued support of the Jersey Journal, the official publication of the American Jersey Cattle Association for over 54 years. Please give us a call at 614.861.3636, exts. 335, 336 or 323.
We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Michele Ackerman          Michele Lahmers      

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