Jersey Canada Unveils its New True Type Model!

For the first time in the 106 year history of Jersey Canada, the association has a new true type model! Work on creation of the new True Type Jersey Canada Model Cow was completed on the first day of summer, June 21, 2007. Now it is time for the world to see this exciting work of art! The model is a very accurate representation of the ideal modern Canadian Jersey cow, with an overall balance of type traits to ensure high production and longevity.

thenewjerseycanadamodelcow.jpgThe new Jersey Canada model cow

The process behind creation of the model cow began late in 2006, when members of the Genetic Improvement Committee of Jersey Canada met with livestock sculptor Ross Smith of Woodstock, Ontario at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. At that historic venue they discussed the possibility of pursuing creation of a Jersey model cow. From this point, Ross worked diligently with committee members Dean Sayles and Bruce Sayles of Ayr, Ontario to do the necessary measurements and photography to accurately create the model. Throughout the process, feedback from the Genetic Improvement Committee, Jersey Canada Staff, and Jersey Canada members was encouraged, and these comments were used to further refine and improve the final stunning product that we have today.

russellgammonandrosssmith.jpgRussell Gammon, Secretary-Manager of Jersey Canada with Ross Smith, the artisan responsible for creating the new true type model in collaboration with Jersey Canada.

The model cow is not a model of any one particular cow; rather, she is a composite of the best features of some of today’s top individuals. She also reflects the ideal cow as related to our Canadian classification system, with strong attention paid to balance and proportionality.

Models are now available for purchase from Jersey Canada for $300 plus GST and any necessary shipping charges. Models can also be picked up from the office directly to avoid any shipping costs. Model number one will be offered at public auction at a later date – stay tuned for details!

Special thanks to those directly involved in furthering this project: Ross Smith, whose handiwork is truly outstanding and a credit to his skill; Dean Sayles, chair of the Genetic Improvement Committee; and the rest of the members of the Genetic Improvement Committee for their input and focus toward forwarding the project.

Jersey Canada is now fortunate to have a very accurate true-type model to further international and domestic marketing of the Jersey breed!






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