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 Michael Stern was born in Ashford, England in 1929, and came to 
Canada in the fall of 1947 at the age of 18 with his father Edward, 
stepmother Nancy, younger sister Anne and younger brother David. The 
family took up residence at the Cochrane farm at the end of Nith 
Road, near Paris, Ontario. Michael went to work for a local Jersey farmer,
Jack Nunan. 
Several years went by before Michael met his wife Elizabeth, and they 
were married in 1958.

Michael and his new wife briefly moved to Milton so he could work 
with Maurice Beatty  of the famed Lindale Jersey herd but he was back to Keg

Lane and the Nunan farm again before the summer of 1959. In August of 
1959, his first of six children was born - a daughter - and by 1960 
he had moved to the farmstead owned by the Creedon family. With the 
sudden death of Mr. Nunan, Michael gave his all to keep the Jersey 
operation up and running for Jack's wife Betty. By 1967, five more 
children (all sons!) had joined the family, and in 1968 Michael 
purchased the Nunan farm with its small Jersey herd and moved his 
family across the road. Michael registered his new farm as "Potwell 
Jerseys", after the farm where he grew up back in England.

Years flew by and both his young family and the small herd of Jersey 
cattle grew. During the 1960's and early 1970's, Michael and Liz 
along with their 6 children attended various calf rallies, and then 
local school fairs after the children started school.

In 1981, Richard joined the farming operation and a second farm was 
purchased in Oxford County. Peter became the third partner in 1983. 
The second farm is now owned and operated by Peter and his wife 
Michelle, home of Maple Ridge Jerseys, with a foundation of Potwell 

Over the next 10 years or so, Potwell Jerseys became a force to 
reckon with on the show circuit. In 1995, Potwell Juno's Belle won 3 
major championships in 3 different countries: Grand Champion at the 
Richmond Hill Spring Show in Canada, Grand Champion at the Ohio 
Spring Show in the USA, and Grand Champion at one of the largest 
shows in Brazil. Michael and the boys purchased a Jersey cow named 
Waymar Patrick Nadine now Excellent-97% , and in 1996 she won not only the
Ohio Spring 
Show in the USA but was named Supreme Grand Champion of all Dairy 
Breeds. Needless to say, this cow's name has become known world-wide. 
Closer to home, Michael and the boys have shown cattle at the local 
Parish shows and other championship shows for many years.

Potwell Jerseys can be found in Mexico, Brazil, the USA, and 
Argentina. As well, there have been many international sales of 
Potwell semen and embryos. With his sons Richard and Peter in the 
show limelight, Michael preferred to stay behind the scenes, making 
sure all details got taken care of at home. Subscribing to several 
Jersey publications (including the US Jersey Journal, Australian 
Jersey Journal, and Canadian Jersey Breeder) help Michael keep 
abreast of the events and issues in the Jersey industry both in 
Canada and abroad. Almost 40 years later, the Potwell Jersey 
herd consisted of 85 registered cattle, with BCAs of 234M 206F 232P 
and a herd average classification score of 86.5 points. Potwell has 
received the Constructive Breeder Award four consecutive times since 
1998. In May 2007 the bulk of the Potwell herd was sold to Matt and Kerry
Fraser of Maker Jerseys, Shakespeare, Ontario. Thus, Michael and Liz and
family have helped a young couple establish a spectacular Jersey foundation
herd and enter the dairy industry. 

Michael has been a member of the Paris Agricultural Society for many 
years, and has helped with judging of poultry at the Paris Fall Fair. 
He has been the Secretary-Treasurer of the Brant-Norfolk Jersey Club 
for over 12 years.

 From the early beginnings as a hired hand almost 60 years ago, 
Michael has spent his life working with the Jersey breed. His 
lifelong love and tireless dedication to the Jersey cow is evident in 
his hard work, achievements, and continued efforts to promote and 
support both the Jersey cow and the farming industry.


Dave & Anne Honderich, New Hamburg, ON

This year's recipient of Jersey Canada's prestigious Master Breeder 
award is the Willow Creek Jersey herd, owned by Dave & Anne Honderich 
and family of New Hamburg, Ontario. The Honderich family has a long 
history of involvement in the Jersey breed, and Dave and Anne have 
built upon that solid foundation to breed the high quality herd which 
is very deserving of this recognition.

The first Jerseys arrived at Willow Creek in 1929 as 4-H project 
animals. Due to their good udder quality and true consistent 
breeding, Dave's father Cameron decided to continue on with Jerseys.

Over time, the herd grew to be a 65 cow dairy herd, a large herd in 
those days. Cameron was involved in the first artificial insemination 
in Canada with Brampton Royal Dreamer, and would go on to serve first 
as President of Jersey Canada and later as Executive Secretary of the 
association. The original herd was dispersed in 1969, but young stock 
and older cows retained from that sale went on to form the nucleus 
for a new Willow Creek herd.

Dave completed his education at the University of Guelph in 1973, and 
then returned home to farm. From this point on, the herd continued to 
maintain a herd size of between 45 and 50 cows in milk. Cows are fed 
a TMR mixture year-round, with supplemental dry hay in the winter and 
pasture in the summer. Current herd BCA figures are 213M 184F 213P, 
with classification numbers at 10 Excellent (5 ME), 20 Very Good, 21 
Good Plus, and 8 Good.

The Willow Creek herd is largely built on the strength of balanced 
cow families, and few exemplify this better than Willow Creek M 
Cecily Supreme Excellent 94%. This famous cow is a Four Star Brood Cow, with
25 registered 
offspring, 21 of them being female, and 19 of these having been 
milked at Willow Creek. Cecily was Reserve Grand Champion at the 
Royal in 1979, and was Grand Champion of the Ontario Spring Show the 
following year.

The Cecily family now constitutes a sizeable proportion of the Willow 
Creek herd, with many notable individuals, including the Yola line of 
cows. Willow Creek Saturn Yola EX is continuing to produce and serve 
as a valuable brood cow.

Another strong family at Willow Creek started with Willow Creek Title 
Margo Sup. EX, who went on to produce a very notable cow - Willow 
Creek Lester Lil EX-92-3E. Lil was sold to Murray and Elaine 
Williamson of Willoa Jerseys, and went on to have 2 EX and 3 VG 
progeny. These include Semex plus proven sire Willoa Laser, and 
Willoa Lilibet Renaissance VG-89, who was Reserve Intermediate 
Champion at the Royal and All Canadian in 2000. Lilibet's son, 
Hollylane Lilibet's Legacy, is now the #1 LPI sire in Canada, and is 
marketed by Semex Alliance.

Some other notable cows bred by Willow Creek that have gone on to 
success away from home include:

- Willow Creek Remake Treasure EX-90, Reserve Grand Champion at Expo 
Bellechasse in 2003 for Ferme Elegance
- Willow Creek Remake Sabrina, sold for $15,000 in the Quebec Spring 
Sale in 2001, going on to place 4th as a Junior Two Year Old in 2001 
at the World Dairy Expo for Ken Beneke.
- Willow Creek I Sofie, All Time Milk, Fat, and Protein Champion in 
Uruguay, and two-time Reserve Grand Champion of the Uruguay National 
- Cam Sultan Belle, selling for $17,000 in the World Jersey Classic 
Sale in 2005.

The list of other fantastic cows with generations of type and 
production performance is long, but the future is equally bright. 
Through the herd's partnership in the CAM Syndicate with extended 
family members at Genesis Jerseys and Norval Acres, the group has 
produced some very exciting offspring from Rock Ella Brook Belle 
EX-93, daughter of Duncan Belle EX-3. A "Declo" daughter (full sister 
to Piedmont Declo Belle EX-94) is milking at Willow Creek, with a 
J Imperial also fresh at Genesis. Nine offspring have been produced, 
with more on the way by means of embryo transfer. Willow Creek and 
Genesis are also flushing Norval Acres Barber Princess, with calves 
by Sultan and Paramount being born in December 2006.

Congratulations to the entire Honderich family-Dave & Anne, Drew and 
wife Amy, Dana, and Teresa in building a herd of such recognizable 
quality, and thank you for your continued contribution to the success 
of the Jersey breed in Canada!

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The 2007 recipient of the Ralph J. Barichello Award for outstanding
contributions to agriculture in Canada has not only furthered the cause of 
agriculture in Canada, but also in many of the world's less developed 
nations. Malcolm MacGregor of Morewood, Ontario has a resume of 
accomplishments that easily reflect why he was nominated for this 
award by Jersey Ontario, and ultimately chosen as the recipient for 

Mr. MacGregor has been farming at his farm in Morewood for more than 
50 years now. As a dedicated Guernsey breeder for many years, he 
served as President of the Canadian Guernsey Association, and for 
many years he served on the National Type Committee for the CGA. He 
also had success in the show ring, winning a Grand Championship at 
the Royal Winter Fair, and was a previous Premier Exhibitor at this 
prestigious show.

Malcolm was also in demand as a judge, judging at many high-profile 
shows including the Royal Winter Fair, the Pacific National 
Exhibition (PNE), the Sydney Royal Show in Australia, the New York 
State Fair, and various other shows in Ontario, Quebec, and New 
England. Malcolm also served as the first chairman of the Dundas 
County Milk Committee.

In 1978, Malcolm started working with the federal government as chief 
of the National Showcase Herds, still operating today as part of the 
Canadian Agriculture Museum. Malcolm proceeded to move up in 
responsibility quickly, eventually becoming the Acting Director-
General of Commodity Production and Market Development for 
Agriculture Canada. Some projects that Malcolm was specifically 
involved in included major revision of the Animal Pedigree Act, 
privatization of the Record of Performance (ROP) program, and 
overhauling much of the federal policy pertaining to Fairs and 

In 1990, Mr. MacGregor joined Agrodev Canada Inc., an organization 
supporting agricultural development in the developing world, as a 
Senior Associate. In his time working in this field, Malcolm 
travelled to Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China on different development 

Of particular note was Malcolm's work with the Crop Diversification 
Programme in Bangladesh from 1990 to 1994. Mr. MacGregor was the 
Project Manager for a project aimed at increasing production of 
alternative crops in Bangladesh, thereby improving the nutritional 
balance of native Bangladeshis, and improving the income for small 
landowners and tenant farmers. This project was a great success, and 
resulted in the project being recognized with an International 
Development Award from the Canadian Exporters Association, as well as 
recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This only scratches the surface of the many projects, both domestic 
and international, in which Malcolm MacGregor has played an integral 
role. The Barichello family and Jersey Canada wish to thank Mr. 
MacGregor for his service to the Canadian dairy industry, and to 
world agricultural development!
The association and Mr. Barichello's family have presented this prestigious
award in his memory since 1986. Malcolm MacGregor now joins a highly
distinguished list of previous recipients!
Ralph J. Barichello was an active agriculturalist, community leader, Jersey
breeder and breed leader and strong supporter of 4-H! He farmed at Barbros
Farm near Langley, British Columbia!

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This year's recipient of the National Young Jersey Achiever Award comes from

solid Jersey roots, but has also been active in expanding her 
knowledge of the breed and the industry outside of her own farm.

Joanne Edwards, 28, of Nokomis, Saskatchewan has been directly 
involved with Jerseys from a very young age, having been brought up 
at Bramville Jerseys by parents Jim and Fran Edwards. She started 
showing Jersey calves at the tender age of 3 years old, and proceeded 
to be active in the 4-H program for 11 years. She was also a 7 year 
participant in the Western Canadian Junior Dairy Show, and Junior 
Sweepstakes, participating in showing, fitting, and judging of dairy 

Joanne has also been involved with Jersey Canada Youth programs, 
travelling to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in 1995 as part of 
the Explore Jersey Canada program. As part of the World Jersey Cattle 
Bureau Youth Exchange program, Joanne travelled to New Zealand in 
1997 for an entire year, working on 35 different operations, as well 
as speaking at various meetings about the Canadian dairy industry.

In the fall of 1998, Joanne moved to Clanwilliam, Manitoba to work 
for Steve and Marie Smith at Clanman Jerseys. She had various 
responsibilities there, and credits the experience with making her a 
more independent person! She returned to Saskatchewan in the fall of 
1999, becoming the herdsperson for Robella Holsteins in Balgorie. She 
stayed in this position until 2003, after getting the herd involved 
in showing.

Moving back home to Bramville Jerseys in 2003, Joanne has entered 
into partnership with her parents. Upon her arrival back to the home 
herd, the milking herd was expanded from 32 to 50 cows in milk. Due 
to constraints from the layout of the old tie-stall barn, a Cover-All 
building was erected for loose housing, using the tie-stall barn just 
for milking the cows. The feeding program was also changed from 
largely dry hay to baleage, along with a home-grown, balanced grain 
ration. Since implementing this changes, herd average BCAs have 
increased 8 points for milk, 17 points for fat and 20 points for 
protein. Current herd classification sits at 3 EX, 19 VG, 32 GP, 1 G 
and 10 not classified.

Since Joanne's renewed involvement with the herd, Bramville cattle 
have also seen successes in the show ring. Bramville D.D. Joy won the 
herd's first Grand Championship at Olds Fair in 2004, going on to be 
named Grand Champion again in 2005 and Reserve in 2006. Green 
Hectares Extreme Vallie, purchased as a heifer during the herd 
expansion, won the Grand Championship at the Western Canadian 
Livestock Expo in 2005, and was subsequently sold into partnership 
with breeders in Ontario.

Perhaps most notable in recent months has been that Joanne has taken 
on the responsibilities of the President position with the newly 
formed Jersey West, working to market the Jersey breed in the four 
western provinces. She also joins the Marketing Committee of Jersey 
Canada in 2007. In Saskatchewan, she serves the Nokomis Agricultural 
Society as a director, and is the coloured breeds representative for 
the Canadian Western Agribition Dairy Show.

Besides her busy life with dairy cows, Joanne is also fond of horses, 
and tries to ride whenever possible. She is also an avid curler, and 
is involved with her local curling club in various capacities.

Congratulations to Joanne on her past accomplishments with the breed 
that have led to being named a National Young Jersey Achiever in 2007!

The National Young Jersey Achiever Award program was established in 1990 and
since that time dozens of young dairymen across Canada have been recognized,
honoured and encouraged through this great program!



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