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Hello everyone and happy Canadian civic holiday!


There has been so much happening here of late that we knew it was time to do an update!


Gone are those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and the tempo in Jerseyland is just as speedy as at any other time of the year!

This bodes well for the breed in Canada!


Here are some “short snappers” and quick updates!



1. Jersey people in the farm press! The front cover of a recent Ontario Farmer newspaper had a photo of Daniel and
Benjamin Sargent of Enniskillen Jerseys in full colour! The caption noted the word Jersey twice as these fine young guys were photographed

at the Ontario Jersey Summer Show. In addition a Jersey Canada logo was clear on a show shirt in the photo! Journalist Anne Howden-Thompson took the photo.

Anne penned the exceptional article on our new true type model that appeared ina recent issue of the Ontario Dairy Farmer magazine.

Floyd Dingwall of Spruce Vine Jerseys was also the prime subject of a recent article in the Ontario Farmer. Floyd was the leading proponent of development of a memorial park in the village of Berwick in Eastern Ontario where he and Muriel and their family live. The article mentions Floyd’s long-term and sustained involvement in the Jersey breed many times and notes that he was a Jersey Canada President in the early 1980s.

Our news release on the new true type model was carried in the Pennsylvania dairy newspaper Farmshine with two full colour photographs!



2. Planning for an even better future for the Jersey breed! On Wednesday August 1 the Jersey Canada Strategic Planning Committee held a full day meeting in the Guelph area to begin work on a draft Strategic Plan for the breed for the next three years. Maureen Bowers chairs the Committee and she has an exceptional

Committee who received excellent input from Jersey Canada’s key committees. The committee and very helpful staff at Jersey Canada had a great day!

A draft plan is now on paper for review by the committee and will soon be shared with the relevant committee chairs and then the Jersey Canada Board. The process is all about plotting effective ways and means of growing the Jersey breed! Well done Maureen and committee and al those who helped “make it happen”!

There is more to be done-however, those crucial first steps have been taken in fine form!


3. Canadian delegates had a terrific time being educated about the wonders of Brazil during World Jersey Cattle Bureau meetings there in late June and early July! We must tip our hats to an amazing person Mr. Massaru Kashiwagi who led Jersey Brazil’s efforts to host these exceptional meetings and fascinating tours that were part of a very full program! The World Bureau had last been in Brazil in about 1985. Massaru did it al land more to make sure that all details were looked after! Heather and Jennifer Peart will be reporting on this awesome event in our October/November issue of the Breeder.


4. Speaking of the Bureau we’ll soon have details on the 2008 World Conference on Jersey-the home of the breed-slated for May 2008. The most recent World Conference on the spectacular Island of Jersey was held in 1979 and was gigantic! Predictions are that 2008’s event will also be large and totally memorable!

We’ll share the news as soon as we have it from Jersey! Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Associated with the conference on Jersey will be trips to England and France. WJCB action!


5. The “1868” cow! Very soon we’ll be sharing a news release with you about sale of a true type model at the Spill The Milk sale here in Guelph on the 15th of October! All proceeds from sale of the model will go to the Jersey Canada and Jersey Ontario Youth Funds. Tom Barnes and associates who are sponsoring the sale wanted to do something special to support Jersey Youth work! They have asked to purchase model number 1868 to mark the year that registered Jerseys first came to Canada and as Tom puts it “the future of the Jersey breed in Canada began”!

You’ll see more when the news release  is completed!


6. RGG was in British Columbia and the US state of Washington from late on July 20th until late on the 28th of July. Talk about Jersey country!

   Events in the Fraser Valley and the Okanogan Valley attracted over 70 people and helped bring Jersey people together. RGG was on 29 farms during the week and enjoyed a feast of great Jersey cows and even more wonderful Jersey people!

There is terrific potential for breed progress in this province that is being acted upon! Bravo Jersey BC! Amazing Canadian influence in the Washington herds too!


7. It is project city at Jersey Canada as substantive progress is being made on our new marketing video, the classification poster for the Jersey breed, our next marketing brochure and the August-September Jersey Breeder not to mention a myriad of smaller projects! The English version of information on our new promotional item line is now loaded onto the Jersey Canada website with the French version to follow soonest! Order your Jersey apparel today!


Gotta run but keep your eyes open for more news soon! It is happening at a highly rapid pace these days!


Cheers! RGG reporting on the newest news!





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