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Monday evening we received word that the board of Jersey Brazil had selected Canadian Robert (Bob) Jarrell to judge their 2007 National Jersey show at Sao Paulo in early November just before the RAWF! April will accompany Bob and she does a wonderful job of meeting people while Bob is at work in the ring!

This evening Gary and Maureen Bowers will leave for Castro in the state of Parana in Brazil where Gary will be judging later this week.

Next week Callum McKinven will be traveling to Brazil to judge the Expointer show at Porto Allegre in the southern Brazil state of Rio Grande Do Sul!  

The latter two assignments were arranged by Marcio Francesquine and Ana Paula Mendes de Oliveira of the Canadian embassy in Brazil. These people are doing a superb job for Canada!

In the case of the National Show the communication about judge selection was done through our great Jersey friend Massaru Kashiwagi who was the man of the hour when the World Jersey Cattle Bureau groups arrived in Brazil in late June and the first half of July! An amazing human being with the perfect abilities to work with people!

We are excited!




A few years ago Gary Bowers made a simple but profound statement that: “Our job is to make the word Jersey as highly visible as possible!”

This goes on many fronts and sometimes other take part and do things for us without even being asked1 The front cover of the summer 2007 issue of the Western Dairy Farmer was graced by a large, full colour photo of  a little girl with a Jersey calf. The photo was made by WDF’s new Editor Anthony Kovats at the 2007 Alberta Dairy Congress. Kim Rietveld of Jersey Ontario identified the little girl as her niece Faithlyn Rietveld who is a daughter of Kim’s brother Mike and his spouse Crystal! We spoke with WDF Editor Kovats on Monday and he is keen to do a great job for the industry in his new role!

We think we may already have mentioned that Doug and Jill Robinson and their sons were the focus of an excellent article in the Country Guide publication this spring. When we were rolling through New Brunswick in June a Jersey family pulled out their Country Guide issue and said: “Look at this!”

Doug and Jill and boys farm at Payneside Farm near Finch in Eastern Ontario

It is interesting to read all the 2007 summer show reports that Ryan has been loading on the Jersey Canada website at These events do much to raise the profile of the Jersey breed and involve the investment of a lot of time and one by exhibitors and show organizers!

The number of Jersey shows in Quebec has exploded-literally! Reading the reports of events, large and small there gives one pause for thought! We noted some smaller shows in Eastern Quebec where there were 12 to 16 exhibitors in shows with 30 to 36 head! Amazing! Hopeful! Awesome!

Jersey growth is happening! The breed is becoming much more visible! We must keep going and growing!      


Okay I need to stop! This is e-mail number 33 for the day and it is only 11:16 a.m.! WHOOWEE!


Jersey on and rock on! RGG




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