The 2008 WJCB international conference

Hello everyone


Please find the final itinerary and registration form for the 2008 WJCB international conference – and its all live here!


One click and see what we have to offer our Jersey friends across the globe!


Here is a lifetime opportunity to visit the island of Jersey, the home of the breed, for the 18th International Conference of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau. Not only Jersey, but our neighbours to the north, the United Kingdom, and to the south and west, France – we are all waiting to welcome you!


In this part of the world the month of May is springtime and all the splendors that come with that wonderful season.  We tour through some of the most glorious parts of England for a week before arriving in Jersey where a kaleidoscope of scenery, activities and friendship awaits you.  The post-conference tour in France will delight the tastes and feel of this fascinating country.


Yes – it is time to “come home” and create for yourself the bond between your Jerseys and their ancestral home.   We are waiting.


See you in ‘08


Derrick Frigot


Royal Jersey Agricultural & Horticultural Society


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