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Here is a wonderful news release from the Peel Federation of Agriculture here in Ontario,

Canada. The release was prepared by Anne Howden Thompson, a gifted agricultural journalist

and dairy industry person.   We are thrilled to see dedicated and talented Jersey owners and

dairy farmers like the Mellows be recognized for decades of hard and smart work! 

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Chamber and Board of trade recognize Glenholme Jerseys


CALEDON, Ontario (November 25, 2007) – Each year the Caledon Chamber of Commerce and the

Brampton Board of Trade recognize an agricultural business within the Region of Peel with

the distinction of “Farm Family of the Year”, and this year, Glenholme Jerseys, owned by

Robert and Bruce Mellow and family, of Bolton, were the distinguished honourees.


Most industries recognize top business performers and Peel Federation of Agriculture (PFA)

president Dwight Matson, of Bolton, says this annual event is a particularly important one

for the agricultural and business communities.  “Agriculture remains a significant economic

driver in the Region of Peel and it is important that we pay tribute to the businesses and

families who play key roles and contribute to that positive impact.”


In accepting this honour, the family joins a noteworthy group of families and businesses in

the community and Matson says the Mellow family of Glenholme Jerseys is particularly



Glenholme Jerseys is a third-generation family farm operating on the outskirts of Bolton,

originally founded by the late Stewart Mellow.  Today the farm operation is a partnership

between Robert and Elaine Mellow and their son, Bruce.  The tag line on the family’s logo

says “a family Jersey tradition” and today’s successful farm operations do rely on the

active involvement by all the team members.  Daughters Arlene Ross and Carol Ruta, as well

as grandchildren, Eric Ross and Curtis Ruta, joined with the family to share in the evening.

 Carol continues to help with the farm operation as required and both Arlene and Carol have

served on numerous committees within the national Jersey association.


Kelly Darnley, CEO and Charles Bristoll, chairman, of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce made

the formal presentation to the family on behalf of the Chamber and the Board of Trade. 

Matson says that the Peel Federation of Agriculture is grateful for the continuing support

of the farm business recognition program by both the Caledon Chamber of Commerce and the

Brampton Board of Trade, as well as continuing support from other community partners. 


Other commemorative plagues were presented by Mayor Marolyn Morrison, on behalf of the Town

of Caledon; Region of Peel Chairman Emil Kolb; Caledon-Dufferin MPP Sylvia Jones; Betty Jean

Crews on behalf of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture; and Matson on behalf of the PFA.


In making his presentation Kolb said the distinguished honour was fitting for the Mellow

family, “long-time residents who have made significant contributions to the Peel

agricultural community by building an impressive and world-renowned Jersey herd.”  Since

1965 the Mellow family has bred 107 Excellent cows and was awarded Master Breeder honours

from Jersey Canada in 1993.  The herd is currently made up of 20 EX, 26 VG and 11 GP.


Fellow Jersey breeder and Jersey Canada national director, Larry Sheardown, of York Region,

said that the Glenholme herd is among the most requested stops by International Jersey

visitors because of the tidy farm operation, the impressive home-bred herd, the warm welcome

and the “honest, humble, hard-working, down-to-earth nature” of the Mellow family.


Known as quiet, humble and hardworking people the family are well named  “The Mellows are

known as quiet and good-living people who let their cows and the cows’ accomplishments speak

for themselves,” says Russell Gammon, Jersey Canada’s executive secretary.  Just this past

month another sire, Glenholme Above and Beyond, from the Glenholme herd has joined the Semex

young sire sampling program.  “What a fitting name as the Mellow’s certainly go above and

beyond the call of duty to be good dairy farmers and stewards of the land,” said Gammon.


The “Farm Family of the Year” award was presented to the Mellow family at the annual Peel

Federation of Agriculture annual banquet held in November at the Caledon East Community





For more information:

Dwight Matson, PFA president (905-857-5467)

Trish Eastman, PFA secretary (905-702-0175)


Digital photos available upon request.




When the Peel agricultural recognition program was first introduced, it was first presented

to the recipients as “Farmer of the Year”.  But as today’s farm operations have had to

diversity and expand, many of the active, production-based operations are successful because

of the collaborative and team spirit of the entire farm family.  In 1993 the focus of the

recognition was changed to honour the “farm family” and reflect this very important dynamic.



In 2002 many local farmers and farm businesses worked together to gather much badly-needed

hay for western producers who were lacking sufficient supplies because of drought

conditions.  Although farm numbers are down considerably in the Region of Peel, when

compared to the critical mass that many counties boast of, the farmers of the area rallied

to aid in their typical fashion and managed to secure 36 railcars of hay for shipment west. 

In honour of this particularly noteworthy undertaking, the Farm Family of the Year committee

decided that the collective efforts of this community initiative were most worthy of the



The agricultural community has endured many economic hardships over the years and this

particular challenge continues today.  In 2004, recognition was collectively paid to all of

the farm families in the Region of Peel to say thank you for the hard work that each and

every one of them regularly contribute to not only their own farm operation, but to each the

agricultural and broader communities as well.


Former Award Recipients
1977 – J.M. Fraser*

1978 – Howard Laidlaw*

1979 – Neil Armstrong*

1980 – George Gardhouse*

1981 – Jim Eccles*

1982 – Bill Brander

1983 – Blythe Meek

1984 – Tom Jackson

1985 – John Lyons

1986 – Fred Kolb

1987 – David Armstrong

1988 – Anne Livingston

1989 – Harold Wright*

1990 – George Dixon*

1991 – Allan McMaster

1992 – Roy Westlake

1993 – Wilson and Lily French and Family

1994 – Bob and Betty Brander and Family

1995 – John and Ruth Downey and Family

1996 – Hilliard* and June Matson and Family

1997 – Clure* and Mabel* Cation and Family

1998 – George* and June Frazer, Bill and Lois Frazer and Family

1999 – James and Francis Johnston and Family

2000 – Al* and Barb* Ferri and Family

2001 – Elmlawn Farms (Roy, Allan, and David Thompson and Families)

2002 – Hay West Committee

2003 – Glenvue Farms (Ralph and Jim Dunton and Families)

2004 – All the farmers in Peel

2005 – Cleave View Farms (Don and Deanna Cleave and Family)

2006 – Dixellen Farm (Bill and Doug Dixon and Family)

2007 – Glenholme Jerseys (Robert and Bruce Mellow and Family)





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