Since early in this decade a highly prestigious scholarship has been presented to young people with a strong background with the Jersey breed who are engaged in post-secondary studies. The scholarship is presented in memory of the late Nola Brown of Puslinch, Ontario. Mrs. Brown was an outstanding staff member of Jersey Canada at the association’s head office in Guelph throughout the 1990s until her untimely passing in July of 1999.

Soon after her passing a large collection of her friends and business associates and family made generous donations to a memorial scholarship fund that grew to a very significant total.

At the National Jersey Show at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Teresa Honderich from Willow Creek Jersey Farm, New Hamburg, Ontario was introduced as the 2007 recipient of the Nola Brown Continuous Achievement Award. Honderich was selected as winner from highly-qualified field of capable candidates.

An analysis of Teresa’s resume indicates why she is an exemplary winner of the $1,500 scholarship that recognizes young people with drive, ability, community leadership skills and a passionate desire to be lifetime learners and givers. Teresa, who is 20 years old and a second year agriculture student at Ridgetown College, is a third generation owner and breeder of registered Jerseys. In March of 2007 her parents David and Anne Honderich and their family were recognized as Master Breeders by Jersey Canada based on the achievements of their Willow Creek herd.

Within her community Teresa followed up ten years of figure skating with time as a teacher of the sport. She has also been involved in contributing time to the less fortunate and handicapped children in Ohio, USA, Toronto, Ontario and her local community with meals for and visiting with seniors, sports days for disabled children. This young woman is also a born athlete and has nurtured her skills as a team player from active involvement in soccer, basketball and volleyball. She has attained the status of captain on her high school basketball and soccer teams and reached the county all star level in these two sports.

Her honour student high school career features awards for quiet leadership and outstanding contributions to student activities. As Chair of her Student Activities Council special events committee Teresa and a team of more than a dozen fellow students delivered a plethora of exciting, enjoyable and community-minded events.

In addition to her passion for working with the family dairy herd and farm she has dived into a wide range of agricultural opportunities with great vigour. In her 4-H career Teresa has been Waterloo County Outstanding Intermediate Member in 2004 and on five occasions has been a member of the Waterloo County team at the Scotiabank Classic Youth Show. She has served as a Junior Director of the Wilmot Agricultural Society. In 2004 she was selected as Ambassador for the Wilmot Agricultural Society and in the same year was crowned as the Western Ontario Jersey Princess. Teresa has also completed 15 4-H clubs. In 2006 Teresa was Reserve Grand Champion Showman at the Gencor Challenge. This year she returned to be named Grand Champion Showman in this highly competitive and large all breeds youth show. On the day before she was named winner of the Nola Brown award Teresa won a very large and strong senior showmanship class in the Jersey Canada youth showmanship classes at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

This young achiever’s agricultural education has included a six month stint in Europe during late 2005 and early 2006. In what she describes as “the opportunity of a lifetime” Teresa worked virtually seven days a week on two dairy farms in Scotland. Five days a week she was with the Gordon and Vivian Hastie family at Alderston Mains farm where 160 to 200 registered Jerseys are milked. On weekends she milked in the rotary parlour at Blythbridge Holsteins where the milking herd numbers 500 head. While at Blythbridge Teresa was able to take part in the UK National Show and attained the high honour of being named Reserve Grand Champion showman!

Gordon Hastie of Alderston Mains proclaims that they “could not have asked for more from a young farm worker” and that Teresa “is a great ambassador for Jersey Canada being very knowledgeable about cows, enthusiastic, hard-working and conscientious!”
Other reference letters for Teresa include praise that she “goes the extra mile in wanting to do things right”, “develops meaningful and lasting relationships while taking a keen interest in others”. 4-H Ontario President John Drummond remarked that: “Teresa is a marvelous ambassador for 4-H and ahs proven herself to be a great example for other youth in the 4-H program. She passes on much of her enthusiasm through her interaction with fellow members.”

Teresa Honderich more than fulfills the ultra-high standards set by Nola Brown during her life and those of the previous tremendous list of recipient of this grand award! Jersey Canada and the Nola Brown Achievement Award Committee are thrilled to have such a giving person with great leadership and team-player skills and an abiding passion for agriculture as the latest winner of the award!

For more information on this award and Jersey Canada youth programs please contact Jersey Canada.

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