Jersey youth, act now!

·        March 1: Entries due for the National Jersey Youth Production Contest.

·        ONLY for youth who have been selected by state associations: March 15 is the deadline to submit entries in the 2007 National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest.

Another deadline … do it today!

·        Entries for the Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest must be submitted. Requirements:

o   Cows alive on December 31, 2007

o   Minimum DHIR production of 200,000 lbs. milk, or 9,500 lbs. fat, or 7,500 lbs. protein

·        For all cows you wish to nominate, mail copies of the complete cow page(s) to the office, attention Erick Metzger, or fax them to 614/861-8040.

Lots of interest expressed in the March seminars …

Folks from around the world have responded to the announcement of the upcoming presentations by Mike Van Amburgh of Cornell and Curt Van Tassell of the Bovine Functional Genomics lab, March 8 and 9 in Columbus.

For those who cannot attend, don’t despair. Both programs will be covered by Jersey Journal in its April issue, and also on this web site.



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