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2008 was one of those “Can all these good things really be happening in one year?” type of years for Guelph, Ontario-based Jersey Canada! As Board members and staff reviewed activity stats from the year just concluded, they were filled with a sense of wonder, thankfulness and optimism for the future!

A cattle organization that is all about people...

As Jersey Canada President Janna Rémond reviewed recently released 2008 activity statistics she was stimulated to note: “The amazing growth in the people side of our business during this decade is so inspiring and bodes well for a big future for the Jersey breed in Canada!” And what kind of statistics was President Rémond responding to? Here’s a sampler of Jersey growth in terms of new people being attracted to the breed and the services offered by Jersey Canada:

2008 Jersey Canada memberships were the highest since 1968, when there were ten times as many dairy farms in Canada as there are today. The second best year for memberships in that forty year period was 2007.

There were an all time record number of junior/youth memberships in Jersey Canada in 2008!

Overall, memberships in the organization have grown by over 60% since the dawn of a new century in 2000.

These numbers are very much in step with the fact that the number of milk-recorded herds in Canada containing Jerseys has grown from 607 in 2001 to 1092 in 2008, a growth of 80%!

And prospects look great for the future as new people to the breed registered 176 new herd names in 2008. This helped boost the total of new herd names registered in the latest three years to 511 and in the latest five years to a stunning total of 686.

And on the cow side of business the news was great too....

Rémond, the Board of Directors, staff, members and clients have ample cause for joy and thankfulness over registry activity for Jersey animals too...

Highest registrations since 1999, a catch-up year when Jersey Canada introduced its own in-house registry service.

2008 figures were also 4% ahead of 2007 and made for the third best year for registrations in the last two decades.

2007 and 2008 were the best two back-to-back years for registrations since 1998/1999.

For the first time in association history more than 50% of registration applications were submitted electronically, landing at 52% for the year.

The above statistics blend smoothly with the fact that from 2001 to 2008 the number of Jersey cows in milk-recorded herds across Canada rose by 10%!

Jerseys are on the move too....

The resumption of export movement for live cattle from Canada made for a perky year of cattle movement. Over 770 head of registered Jerseys were transferred for export movement during the year. Nearly all were destined for the United States. This was, of course, the best year for export transfers since 2002. Overall transfers have grown by over 25% since a valley in 2003-2004.

The only constraining factor to higher levels of movement and sales is the tight supply of Jersey cattle. Steps are being taken to expand supply with growing use of sexed semen and increases in production of Jersey embryos. In 2008 the number of embryo flushes recorded by Jersey Canada was 8% ahead of 2007.

Jersey Canada’s Executive Secretary Russell G. Gammon had this to say about ongoing sustained growth in Jersey activity measures: “Yes, sometimes it is a challenge to absorb all the encouraging information about growth in Jersey owner and animal numbers. However, it is a really pleasant challenge to have! We think it is really neat that a person would have to be forty years of age or older to have been alive at a time when there were more Jersey Canada members then there are today! We’re highly vigilant about becoming complacent and know that there is a giant load more work to be done and much more growing to do! It is so stimulating to work with a breed that sails against the prevailing trends in the industry! Hardly a day goes by that we don’t interact with or hear of someone who is new to the breed! We simply need to make a lot more good registered Jerseys to even begin to keep up!!!”

And the Jersey tidal wave extends beyond Canada......

Jersey Canada staff regularly seek out and learn about dramatic advances made by other national Jersey associations around the globe. They were impressed and inspired by results garnered by sister association, The American Jersey Cattle Association based in Reynoldsburg, Ohio in 2008. These year- end totals are beyond extraordinary!!!

Highest registration total in 140 years of history at just under 95,000 head! This total shattered the previous record set 55 years earlier in 1953 by over 7,000 head and is 19% ahead of the 2007 total which was the third best year in association history.

No doubt about it Jersey business is soaring across North America and around the globe! For more information on Jersey Canada and its services and offerings please visit or e-mail

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