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The new year has started with a big bang and lots of activity! Over the last few days we've received notice of many events and happenings. In this message we'll make you aware of a number of dairy/industry opportunities and good news for the Jersey breed! 
Here goes!
1. The entire catalogue for the Mordale Red Tag Jersey sale slated for January 23 to 25, 2009 at the farm near Barrie, Ontario is now available on the Jersey Canada website at . 26 members of the Mordale herd have been priced and made available. This sale is being held at the same time as Jersey Ontario's Annual Meeting which will be held at nearby Midland. Take a look at the pedigrees! 
2. Those with an itching for some dairy and Jersey education have a great opportunity!  The Jersey Technology Conference is being held in the Orland, California area on April 21, 2009. Hosts for the event are the Bignami Family of Brentwood Jersey Farm, home of well-known BW Jerseys. This will be an international Jersey/dairy event with a full and enticing program! Full details on the event can be found at the Brentwood Farms website at Program, list of sponsors and registration forms are all there! Take a look! 
3. Jersey Canada Youth Secretary Jill Dann has the following message for everyone i the Jersey breed in Canada and Provincial and Regional Jersey Associations regarding the Youth of Distinction Award: 
Can you send a message to your email list reminding them that the deadline for the Youth of Distinction Award is Jan 31, 2009.  
The Youth Of Distinction Award is presented annually at the Jersey Canada Annual Meeting to a youth involved with the Jersey breed in Canada.  The successful candidate will be significantly involved with Jersey cattle and the Jersey community.  Strong leadership skills and other agricultural involvement are important as well.  Youth aged 18 to 25 years of age are eligible for this award.  Applicants may be nominated or accompanied by a reference letter as per the application form.
The application form can be found on the Youth Page of the Jersey Canada website and in the Winter 2008 Jersey Youth Newsletter.
4. Here's another announcement for young people, especially those in Ontario who are involved with the dairy industry and thinking about their future as farm owners and operators!   Forum organizer Greg Dietrich notes that: "It would be great to see some Jersey participation!"  
Young Dairypersons’ Forum to highlight strategies for farm succession
(January 12, 2009 - GUELPH) – Farm succession planning can be a difficult topic for
farm families to tackle. Each generation involved faces a learning curve to better
understand the ins and outs of farm transfer and planning for the future. That’s why
Holstein Canada has teamed with the Oxford Holstein Club to offer a one-day Young
Dairypersons’ Forum with tips and ideas for the younger generation involved in farm
succession planning.
The Forum is being held February 20, 2009 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Quality Hotel &
Suites in Woodstock, Ontario (580 Bruin Blvd). Elaine Froese of Boissevain, Manitoba is the
keynote speaker and will share tips on how families can talk about tough farm
succession issues such as trust, communication, fairness, work style, retirement, space
and ownership. Elaine will also give insight and advice on dealing with the generational
gap that often exists in families.
Froese is an author and professional life coach with more than 20 years of experience
working with farm families. She draws from her own farm background of running a
certified seed business with her husband in southwestern Manitoba.
The Young Dairypersons’ Forum is open to anyone 19-35 years of age that is interested
in learning more about farm succession planning. Cost is $20 per person and includes
hot buffet lunch.
For more information and to register, contact organizer Greg Dietrich at or 519-400-1690.
For more information contact:
Greg Dietrich, Forum organizer
5. Youth in Agriculture Bursary Offered by the Canadian International Farm Show.  
Please visit the website of the Junior Farmers Association of Ontario for an application form and more details on two $2500 scholarships. These scholarships will be awarded to young people who are currently engaged in the first year of agriculture-related studies at an accredited Canadian educational institution. Anyone living anywhere in Canada may apply.
The website for The Junior Farmers Association is The bursaries are sponsored by the International Farm Show whose website is  .
6.  New rounds of sire proofs and cow indexes were released in North America on Tuesday, January 13.
Full details on the Canadian proofs can be obtained by visiting, the Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) website.
Both individual animal queries and accessing of lists of top cows, sires, heifers and herds and MACE proofs (on a Canadian basis) can be performed at CDN's website.
American proof details can be accessed at . Lots of interesting news!  
7. And to conclude some great news from the American Jersey Cattle Association on the blockbuster year that US Jersey had in 2008! This will be of interest to dairy producers and industry partners around the globe! More proof of the
global Jersey renaissance now gaining momentum around the world!

We have great news to share to start the New Year! The American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc. completed their best years of operation on December 31, 2008.
For AJCA Herd Services:
  • 94,774 registrations … 7,092 animals more than the previous all-time record (87,682, 1953) and 19% higher than 2007 work processed.
  • JerseyTag orders of 128,422 units … a 30% increase over 2007, and an all-time record.
  • 128,446 cows enrolled on performance programs … another all-time record, 7,397 cows more than the previous record (121,049 cows, 2007).
  • 123,656 cows enrolled on REAP, in 862 herds … 8,003 cows and 81 herds more than the previous record (2007).
  • 77,240 type evaluation scores … 12% above 2007 and 7,075 scores more than were assigned during the previous record year (70,165, 2005).
For NAJ and Jersey Marketing Service:
  • Equity Investment of $575,000 (est.) involving 1,135 participants … all-time high levels of support for vital Jersey milk marketing efforts.
  • Jersey Marketing Service (JMS) gross sales of $9.4 million … fourth best year in company history.
  • JMS marketings of 4,807 lots (live animals and embryos) for general average of $1,954.28, second high in JMS history. Since 2000, JMS has marketed over 50,500 lots for a total value of $83,283,550.
Jersey Journal recorded advertising sales of 601 pages, an 18-year high, as part of 1,196 pages of the best reporting about the Jersey business to be found anywhere in the world.
And this just in for production:
·        New records in every category:  18,457 lbs. milk, 847 lbs. fat, and 660 lbs. protein (305-2x-m.e.) on 78,224 lactation records received by the AJCA in 2008.
·        Actual 305-day cheese yield per cow of 2,003 lbs., more than twice the Jersey cow’s average body weight.
There are many reasons that account for the accomplishments of 2008, among them:
  • A profit-oriented program for Jersey breed improvement and promotion that was outlined 50 years ago by then-Secretary Jim Cavanaugh and forward-looking decisions by the leadership of our organizations that shaped today’s programs and services;
  • Adoption of multiple component pricing as part of Federal Order reform on January 1 of 2000;
  • Organizational goals that challenged your staff to achieve the potential for breed growth; and
  • most importantly, the support and loyalty of every member of the USJersey organizations.
On behalf of the AJCA and NAJ Boards, thank you for your support of our efforts. We look forward to working with you in 2009 and for many years to come to make owning Jerseys more profitable than owning any other breed of dairy cattle.
Neal Smith
Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer

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