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Canadian Jersey Embryo Program blasts off to roaring success!
Despite the fact that the new Canadian Jersey Embryo Program is only ten months old it has already reached the status of being a grand success! The program results from a cooperative effort by The Semex Alliance and Jersey Canada, two well-established companies based in Guelph, Ontario.

Dann Brady, Manager of International Embryo Sales for Semex was pleased to note that embryos have been shipped to nine importing countries already with more business being transacted. The importing countries include: Austria; Australia; Brazil; Finland, South Africa; Trinidad and Tobago; United Kingdom; the Ukraine and Uruguay.

Jill Dann, Jersey Canada Registrar, has processed an astounding number of embryo transfers this year. She commented that: “In the first seven months of 2009 we have processed an all time record number of embryo transfers for any year in Association history! And we have five more months to go! In addition we’re already 104% ahead of all of 2008 for embryo transfers!! Other countries who have imported Canadian embryos this calendar year include Japan and the United States. Almost 40% of embryo transfers this year involve movement within Canada.”

Sourcing of embryos for the program is led by Jean-Marc Pellerin, National Extension Agent for Jersey Canada based in Quebec. From his Quebec office Pellerin commented that “There are over 60 lots totaling almost 500 embryos on our listing. We have lots from almost 50 dams and by over 35 different sires.”

The excellence of Canadian Jersey genetics, wonderful calving ease when animals of larger breeds calve with Jersey embryos, glowing international reputation of Canadian Jerseys and surging domestic demand for the Jersey breed and desire to tap into top cow families have all driven Jersey embryo movement to record-breaking heights!

More information on the embryo program is available by visiting the Jersey Canada website at or the Semex Alliance website at Jean-Marc Pellerin can be contacted at or 819-621-7875 for embryo listing and domestic transactions. Dann Brady can be reached at





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