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Here's some breaking news from Jersey Canada!
1. The sale catalogue for the September 11th Vente Elite sponsored by Jersey Quebec is now on line at the Jersey Quebec website.
To access the catalogue go to
2. Jersey Canada's blog on the Jersey Canada website has really come alive this summer! There have been 21 new postings since August 7 with three of those already made in September!
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3. One of the latest blog postings was an analysis of registry activity highlights to August 31. See it all at the blog but here are some choice highlights:
Highest memberships since 1967 and closing in on 1,000 for the year!
12 new herd names registered in August bringing the 2009 total to 93! We've on the doorstep of reaching the fourth consecutive year with over 100 new herd names registered!
We've registered 779 new herd names since January 2004! Appears highly likely we'll exceed 800 before the end of 2009!
Running at 56% electronic/on-line registrations this year! Could hit 60% by the end of the year!  
Embryo transfers are now 115% ahead of all of 2008 and are already at a new record annual total!
Also read about our National Extension Program which is now kissing 1,400 herd visits since 2006 with results including over 275 new herd names, over 200 new members, over 800 registrations and over 930 transfers!
Things are popping, hopping and going and growing at Jersey Canada!    
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