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The following great Jersey news was just posted on the Jersey Canada blog at .
We could not wait to share it more fully with the world!

Elevating our Thinking

One of the most interesting times of each month at Jersey Canada arrives in the very earliest days. Jill Dann, our Registrar, crunches registry activity numbers and computes year to date totals in the early hours of every month.

Some highly significant accomplishments were noted when Jill worked with statistics to the end of September 2009!

And here they are:

In nine months we have processed registration of exactly 100 new herd names! 2009 is now the fourth consecutive year that we have processed 100 new herd names or more! And we have three months to go!
This news means that since January 2004 we have registered 786 new herd names! 786!! Just think about that! We're only 14 shy of 800 new herd names in under six calendar years!

Adding new people through registration of herd names flows through to gains in membership as a natural process. Further exciting news can be found in the fact that memberships at the end of September stood at 988!!! Yes, this is 11% ahead of 2008 year to date and as we've noted before represents Jersey Canada's highest membership total since 1967! We're just 12 memberships away from 1,000!
Putting this significant number above in perspective it is appropriate to note that in 1967 there were approximately ten times as many dairy farms in operation in Canada as there are today!

Transfers of embryos are 180% ahead of 2008 year-to-date and are already 116% ahead of all of 2008! We've transferred a record annual total of embryos this year!

Add to this news the facts that our registrations are almost 4% ahead of 2008 to date, transfers are falling in line with 2008 stats after a big burst of export transfers in early 2008 and that electronic registration submissions have moved up to over 56% of all registrations and you have a recipe for true Jersey excitement!

Talk about motivation! Talk about exciting news! Talk about great news!! Talk about encouragement to stay on the job! We are pumped!!

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