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New Jersey collaboration is a major step forward for the UK breed

A new collaboration was announced on 7th September 2010 at the Dairy Event that will improve the genetics available to breeders of Jersey cattle.

JISEX International will cease its Jersey cattle semen sales and will enter into collaboration with UK Jerseys and Cogent Breeding for sales and progeny testing, as of January 2011.

The collaboration builds on an existing bipartite agreement between UK Jerseys and Cogent which has been in operation since the summer.

However, by adding JISEX – the leading company specialising in Jersey genetics – to the equation, the relationship is further strengthened with invaluable breed expertise and international knowledge.

The complete package concentrates resources into one formidable force which promises to focus attention on the type of bulls the British Jersey breeder requires; to increase opportunities for UK breeders to use their top cows as bull mothers; and to explore export opportunities for British-bred Jerseys.

Both organisations already collaborating have welcomed the participation of Derrick Frigot, the founder of JISEX and renowned Jersey specialist who has been instrumental in shaping the UK Jersey breed of today.

“Derrick has well over 40 years’ experience in the industry and will bring invaluable expertise to the collaboration,” said Roger Trewhella of UK Jerseys. “His role in streamlining genetic selection across the three organisations will be pivotal and his involvement will bring a broad range of benefits to the Jersey industry as a whole.”

Hugh Pocock from Cogent added: “Derrick’s vast knowledge of Jersey genetics will inform the selection of bloodlines for progeny testing, and his far-reaching knowledge of the world-wide industry will see genetics sourced from every corner of the globe, including the UK.”

Mr Frigot, who is also Vice-President of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau, has highlighted further opportunities for the tripartite collaboration.

“I see this as an opportunity to lift the profile of the UK Jersey breed which is as good as any I have seen in the world and I look forward to helping select the next generation of bloodlines from the widest possible pool, including Denmark and North America, as well as the UK,” he said. “These will be sampled through the enlarged Cogent Jersey Visions Young Sire progeny testing programme which I believe will deliver the cross-section of genetics required by British and international markets.

“By working with the pioneers of semen sexing technology, I also look forward to seeing a far greater selection of sexed semen available to Jersey breeders.”

Jersey semen from the collaboration can be sourced through the team of Cogent breeding specialists, which includes Derrick Frigot as Jersey Specialist.


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