Merry Christmas from Gonzalo Maldonado - President, WJCB

With the arrival of Christmas and the end of a year it is an appropriate moment to reflect on what has happened during the year, including the successes and the failures, the joy and sadness, and also, to commit with good intentions to the New Year that is dawning. At the same time it is important to be thankful that we have in our hands the knowledge, the tools and the energy to contribute to the feeding of the human population, within a sustainable framework of environmental conservation.

As a community of Jersey cattle breeders we must give thanks to that superior intelligence that orders all and guides us in our work of developing and improving, which brings with it much satisfaction.

This time is also one of solidarity with those that struggle to find the resources to survive, have experienced shortages or who have not been blessed with the good fortune that we have.  It calls for our generosity of action to the benefit of those in need and provides us the opportunity to repay for our own good fortune.

It is with special thanks, affection and friendship that I wish all the members of our organisation joy during these celebrations and success in the year to come.  I look forward with anticipation to 2011 and the opportunity to meet with you in New Zealand at the 19th World Jersey International Conference, which I am confident will be a great success thanks to the meticulous planning of our hosts Jersey New Zealand.

Gonzalo Maldonado - President, World Jersey Cattle Bureau


Note from the Secretary: Please see the notice of the meetings to be held in New Zealand and their respective agendas on the Bureau website under the following link:  'Future meetings' - 'New Zealand 2011'

Merry Christmas




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