Inquiry from Royal Farms Windsor Ice Cream

I have just been looking at your website on the Jersey Herd with much interest, with particular regard to the page on "The Royal Jersey Herd at Windsor". 
Would you be able to give us any help on sourcing the images used on this page? 
I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Many thanks
Victoria Murch
Dear Victoria
World Jersey Cattle Bureau held their world conference in UK during 1992. On this occasion a brochure was published "The Royal Jersey Herd Windsor" showing queen Elizabeth with her jerseys on the frontpace. I suppose it was the than farm manager Bill Gibson who wrote the text.
Best regards
Dear Victoria
I attach a copy from the minute book of the Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society from 1847 showing a letter from Windsor thanking for having received 2 jersey heifers and 1 bull as a gift from the jersey society. I believe it laid the foundation of the still existing jersey herd at Windsor.
Again best regards
Thank you so much for your emails, they're brilliant.  We will be in Windsor on Thursday so have our fingers crossed that they will have this in their archives.
Many thanks again for taking the time to send us the information.
Kind regards
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