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Newsletter from Russell Gammon
The August ’06 genetic evaluations are being released today in both Canada and the USA.

Almost all the new Canadian evaluations are now up on the Canadian Dairy Network website at .

You can simply click on the genetic evaluations button and find most everything you’ll need!


Pine Haven Senior, the Nova Scotia boy from Semex strengthens his hold on number one LPI bull at +1880 with an extraordinary herd life proof of 3.38, ultraslow SCC proof of 2.76 and a breed-leading +11 for type along with improved production figures! Rock Ella Paramount from Select is number two at +1552, and Semex’s Hollylane Lilibet’s Legacy cools off on production but goes up to +6 on type to fit in at number three. Crockett Farms Golden Herby in number four at +1410 and is also +4 for type now. Following these lads are Perimiter (Semex) at 5th, Blackys Big Time (Select) at 6th, Jade (from Rapid Bay) in number seven spot, Berretta from Select at number eight, the veteran Sooner Centurion also from Select in ninth, and his sin Sultan from Semex rounds out the top ten.

Phils Berretta Blue Star, an older bull from Semex is number one for milk at +1833, Danish sire Fyn Index tops the fat list at +65  and Berretta from Select is still number one for protein at +58 kgs. Four bulls are tied for the number one type proof-Senior and Bridon Jamaica-Et from Semex, Hollylane Renaissance from Hollylane and Rosel Sires, and Piedmont Grove Amedeo from Payneside.           

Danish sire Q Lor tops the MACE proof list at +2126 with Ahlem Lemvig Abe from Alta/Jerseyland in number two-he’s a son of Danish sire Fyn Lemvig and DJ Lirsk another Danish sire in third at +2055. The MACE lists will become more interesting and relevant when the list of bulls marketed in Canada is released later this week.

Lencrest Par for Belle reigns as number one for Unique Stock Farm of Alberta at +3457 for LPI. Her dam and sister at Lencrest in Quebec are number two and three with Piedmont Declo Belle at +2924 and Lencrest Parading Belle at +2539. They are followed by three cows from the Farren family at Ferme Hautpre in Quebec.

The Belles have yielded the number one new cow for LPI in the 7th place overall-Unique Jace Belle who is +2236 for her owners Prairie Harbour Jerseys of Minnesota and Texas. Jace Belle was a former Royal sale topper as was her dam Par for Belle.

Par for Belle remains as number one for fat kgs at +146, and number one for protein at +95. Valtallina Fair Flicka from Valtallina in BC is number one for milk at an amazing +2922 kgs!

Queen-Cy Jamaica first Lady from Nancy Favreau in Quebec is number one for type index among cows at +13!!  

Heifer indexes will be available within the week on the CDN website!

Among herd rankings here are the top five Verdurelea the Dobles number one at +1039 for average cow LPI, Davison Farm in BC number two at +741, Braemere Farm the Jordans, like the Dobles from Ontario, number three at +728, Ferme  Cavalait the Poiriers number four at +688 and John Brand from Ontario fifth at +687.

In the USA proofs are just now being loaded and the big news is that Sunset Canyon RP Militia-ET from Semex is the new overall NUMBER ONE for Jersey Performance Index at +277!  Militia is a son of Rock Ella  Perimiter-ET from the Tenn Haug E Maid cow at Sunset Canyon-her pedigree has a lot of Danish influence.

More information is being uploaded as we type. The American Jersey website is

We are reminded that there would be many new young sires and proofs to talk about today if we were meeting or exceeding our goal of 25 young sires sampled in Canada per year! There is powerful profit motivation to meet and exceed this goal in true Jersey Canada fashion!

Enjoy the burst of new information!

Let’s drive on with joy and expectation!

RGG in semi-sunny Guelph!






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