Among Jersey Friends

by Hans Nørgaard

I like what Daniel Parkinson once wrote in The Canadian Jersey Breeder: "There is a "Jersey culture" beyond the mainstream world of breeders and dairy farmers. This culture consists, partly of people with an interest in the breed due to past associations - someone who had a Jersey calf in 4-H or Junior Farmers or who was brought up in a Jersey family, someone who worked for or was connected with Jersey breeders. In fact, anyone with an interest and appreciation of the dairy world's most beautiful milk producer belongs in this society. Often these people can be seen watching the Royal show or other major exhibitions, trying to keep up with what they once knew and were part of renewing old friendships and making new connections. Other members of this Jersey society may have been attracted to the Jersey cow for different reasons; they may see her from an artist's perspective."

amongfriends-01.jpg Anne Perchard, Steve and Suzanne Le Feuvre




amongfriends-05.jpgSuzanne and Hans Nørgaard



amongfriends-08.jpgDerek Russell and Suzanne



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