A letter from Karl Jensen, Valhalla, Jersey
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A letter from Karl Jensen anno 1996

The first cooperatives in Jersey`s milk industry was introduced by my father in 1907, he was sent over to Jersey by Jørgen Larsen, the first importer of Jerseys to Denmark. Before coming to Jersey he had been the manager of the dairy in Lønstrup near Hjallerup. I was born at Raunstrup Dairy in 1906. It was because of what my father did for the Jersey farmer that I was asked to build the island dairy. I was given a lump sum of money and asked to build them a dairy, which I did and I think every dairy in England sent their managers over to see it and I have many letters from these visitors and the average said that it was 10 years ahead of anything in the UK, also many from France. But thats a long story.


Now a little about how things went on 100 years ago. The farmers around the outskirts of the town had no trouble to sell milk, small shops would fetch the farmers milk and sell it to the people who came to the shops with their jugs. The farmers who were too far away from the town would make butter and bring it into town and sell it in the market on a saturday. All that  stopped when my father started the coop dairy, he took all the surplus milk and made into butter. I must tell you this story. There was a woman who every saturday came to the dairy the back way  with a children pram and we used to make up for her 100 pounds of our butter with her prints, it said Mrs. Dupre St. Mary. I have been told many times that Mrs. Dupres butter was the best farm butter in Jersey.

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