History of the Jersey Cattle Worldwide
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Collected by Jersey Breeder Hans Nørgaard, Denmark
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                Jerseys belonging to Cathrine and Graham Vint  [photo Niels Damsgaard]

 In 1995 og 1996 I visited Jersey Island to research the history of the Jersey breed. During my stay I met Anne Perchard, President for the World Jersey Cattle Bureau and Danish born Karl Jensen and his wife Doris.


     Anne Perchard, Karl Jensen, his wife Doris and Hans Nørgaard [photo Niels Damsgaard]
[The Jersey Cow and its importance in our cultural and exonomic development]
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[A letter from Karl Jensen]

                                 WORLD JERSEY CATTLE  BUREAU
                                 16th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENC
                                 JUNE 2002 AT ODENSE, DENMARK

                                 Prince Joachim has  agreed to act as patron
                                 to this World Conference.

                               The Conference will take place between
                                the 23rd and the 29th of June 2002 at the
                                Radisson SAS Hotel at  Odense.


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                                      Skovgård Jersey

Cow nr. 346 in Herning 1990. Owner Hans Nørgaard, Skovgård Jersey, Egebjerg in Funen

Her family came to Denmark in 1907. On September 30, this year — The steamer Alpha left the port of St. Helier, Jersey Island, for Denmark with 200 head of cattle bought by Francis Le Brocq for Mr. Jorgen Larsen.

A young small holder, Gerhard Nielsen, living i Herrested county in the eastern part of Funen, bought two heifers from this importation of Jersey cattle for Denmark. All his cows were registered from the very beginning.

1977 I bought a heifer from this cow family, and today most of my cattle descend from this Jersey. Since 1990 I have collected all relevant information about this cow family.

I do not necessarily breed for a higher yield, I want a more healthy cow,  and I want to reduce the consumption of medicin to a minimum. The Canadian sire Meadow Lawn J. Imperial has given me the type of Jersey cow I want in my herd.

I became a member of The World Jersey Cattle Bureau in 1994, and therefore I welcome all Jersey enthusiasts round the world to visit Denmark in the year of 2002.

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