Jersey Cattle in Switzerland
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Jersey Cattle in Switzerland

Bernhard Bøggild, a Danish dairyman, visited in 1885 several European countries, among others Switzerland. On the farm Langrüthi, belonging to G. H. Page, he found a small herd of Jersey cows. G.H. Page had with great expenses imported 20 heifers and two bulls.
Jerseykøer og mælkens kvalitet. Af konsulent B. Bøggild. [Ugeskrift for Landmænd 1886 bd. 2, s. 131ff]

 In 1856, an American named Gail Borden invented sweetened condensed milk. Ten years later, the two American brothers Page settled down in Switzerland to establish  a Company  in Cham under the name of "Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company" . A new industry was born in Europe. By the early 1880s, the Anglo-Swiss company was churning out 25 million cans of milk a year. 
The Nestlé Company however became a heavy competitor and by the end of 1905 the two arch-rivals were united in one company.

Not only English landlords but also leading business men in the flourishing dairy industry were becoming interested in the Jersey breed in the turn of the century. sidst opdateret 29-09-00